Books to feel and share

MAR DE SAUCES Editora is a new independent Spanish publisher of children's books aiming to publish books to teach families and children meaningful values, mainly related to peaceful education and parenting, sustainability and animal welfare. Started by consultant Mireia Bazu, the company publishes its own children's books and those of other authors.

MAR DE SAUCES (Sea of willow trees)

  • MAR (SEA) as a symbol of the mother, the origin, the strength and a place of births and transformations. 
  • SAUCES (Willow trees) as symbols of wisdom, emotion and inspiration.

Children, animals and nature inspire us and evoke beautiful emotions in us, hence we aim to publish books and projects that promote conscious and peaceful parenting, animal welfare and sustainable living.

MAR DE SAUCES publishes its own children's books that have been prepared with great care and dedication, so that children of all ages can read, feel and enjoy them in connection with friends, teachers, parents, grandparents and furry friends. We believe in the power of forging deep bonds and experiencing human connection to create a healthier, more empathic inclusive society. 

We, a group of passionate and enthusiastic book lovers, are moved and inspired by the idea that books change relationships. We believe that books are magical, that books can transport us all to a different time or a different place, that books give us a new perspective, help us to learn more about the world we live in and make us feel closer and connected to others. 

We are convinced that every time we read a book in connection with others, every time we take time to listen to others, talk to others and show compassion to others, we start planting seeds of kindness to make the world a more beautiful place. 

Would you like to plant seeds with us?

Our Little "Willow Trees"

LIving beings that inspire and move us... that bring beauty, wisdom and joy to our projects and our lives.