Mireia Bazu - Author

Hello again!

I am Mireia Bazu, a Spanish mom of three (one child and two furry adopted babies), a parenting and education consultant and a writer, born and raised in Spain.

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a mother and becoming a veterinarian and a writer. I loved animals, babies, and stories starring them.

Before I could write, I spent hours creating amazing worlds in my head and acting them out with my toys. And soon after, I started writing heartwarming stories of human-animal friendships, that allowed me to have my first furry friends in my imagination.

I grew up and life took me in a different direction, I ended up in business school. After graduating from ESADE Business School (Barcelona) with a Business Administration Degree & MBA in 2000, I started working in marketing and project development within the audiovisual industry.

Since then, I have developed a very versatile professional career, delving into such interesting and enriching fields as those of cinema and arts, which allowed me to start looking at the world from very different perspectives and to finding the spark to write again.

Some years later, when I felt the call of motherhood, I began to walk a new personal and professional path of self-discovery, that took me in the direction of conscious parenting, respectful education and a natural and sustainable lifestyle, that I share through my parenting and education consultancy, my books and my daily life.

I live now in a little town by the Mediterranean sea with my child and my two adopted furry babies, and I volunteer in a local animal shelter of my town.

Books published by Mar de Sauces Editora:

Simply Olivia