Simply Olivia (English Edition)

Written & Translated by: Mireia Bazu
Illustrated by: Marjoris Pirela

Synopsis: Kai is a 5 year old boy who wants to write a story, however he doesn't know how to start... Until the presence of his chihuahua dog Olivia shows him that the most amazing and disparate adventures he daily experiences are shared with her.

A lovely children's book which centers around the exotic adventures of Olivia, a very chameleonic chihuahua dog, and her best friend Kai. A delightful story about love and the importance of looking beyond appearance and behaviors. An invitation to embrace diversity and to discover the beauty that lies in a world without labels.

This story is inspired by real characters and their magical connection. You can meet them at the end of the book! 

This book is also available in Spanish HERE
This book is also available in Catalan HERE


Author: Mireia Bazu

Ilustrator: Marjoris Pirela

Product dimensions: 25x23cm

Format: Hardback

Collection: Mar de Patitas, 1

Publication date: October 2022

Age range: 4+ 

Number of pages: 36

ISBN: 978-84-125857-1-1

Language: English

17,00 €